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Foster Parent Training Information

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Accessing your trainings

Foster parents participating in the Out-of-Home Care Private Agency Program (OHCPAP) will utilize two online platforms in order to complete their trainings; the TRC Portal and TRC Learn.

TRC Portal
The TRC Portal is a robust platform that simplifies the users' experience while also addressing organizations' needs through one hub. In this case, foster parents will work within the PCP-TRIS app in the TRC Portal. Created for the Private Child Placing (PCP) and Private Child Caring (PCC) audience, the PCP-TRIS app is an initiative that assists private childcare agencies with tracking training in one system across the state. In addition, this app facilitates the documentation and monitoring of foster and adoptive training to ensure that all Kentucky foster and adoptive parents meet state training regulations and baseline standards.

TRC Learn
TRC Learn is a Learning Management System designed to provide a secure and integrated system to store all customized training programs specific to Kentucky's workforce serving children, families, and vulnerable adults across the Commonwealth. As a result, participants can conveniently receive high-quality training anywhere, including state offices or in the comfort of their homes.

Once you have established your relationship with an agency, you must access your account information for both training platforms. Continue below to learn how you can access your accounts within these platforms.

To get started in the TRC Portal, select the "Find your account" option on the login page. Then, fill out all the required fields and follow the instructions to finalize your account login details.

One important detail about the TRC Portal is that you can access your official training record. View the video below on accessing, downloading, and printing your training record.

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Watch Now: How to Access your Printable Training Record

Your TRC Portal dashboard will have a TRC Learn tab to access all required web-based trainings.

Upon login to TRC Learn, with your same TRC Portal login, you are auto-enrolled in mandatory web-based trainings, which will be accessible through your dashboard.

In addition to web-based trainings, we offer in-person/virtual meetings that may interest you. Please talk with your agency to learn more about these meetings and how to register for them.

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