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Improving + Innovating the System

Delivering on Our Purpose

The Out-of-Home Care Private Agency Program is committed to PCP/PCC agencies and foster parents in administering quality trainings and tools that enhance the vital service PCP/PCC agencies provide.

Our goals are to:

Implement training that will improve the private child care worker's ability to counsel and care for the State's troubled, neglected, and abused children and youth.

Cultivate the best curricula and field experts in the delivery of quality training to build competent, confident, and committed staff.

Serve appropriate training for direct youth care workers, foster parents, program directors and administrators in private child care programs.

Social Worker talking to a young girl  holding a stuffed bear on a couch.

Staff Resources

OHCPAP aims to provide high-quality professional training opportunities to all qualified staff working in private child care agencies in the Commonwealth at no cost to the agency. To accomplish this, we provide over 15 trainings that cover various vital topics to enhance the knowledge and skills of Kentucky's private child care agency workforce.

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Are you a new agency wanting to participate in OHCPAP's training opportunities? Please fill out the following form on the PCP-TRIS Worker Portal App to begin the process.

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Existing agency? If you are an existing agency needing to update your current registration, please email PCPTRIS@EKU.edu with your updated information.

Created for the Private Childcare Placing (PCP) and Private Child Caring (PCC) audience, the PCP-TRIS app in the TRC Portal is an initiative to help agencies track parents' training in one system. Formerly, each private agency independently followed training within its organization. This change will facilitate the documentation and monitoring of foster and adoptive training to ensure that all Kentucky foster and adoptive parents meet state training regulations and baseline standards. Please watch the video and other tutorial videos to learn more.

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