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PCP/PCC Staff Trainings

Improving + Innovating the System

Training Opportunities

Most of our trainings are conducted virtually, but we provide web-based trainings (WBTs) that accompany those meetings or provide information on an additional topic. Click the buttons below to learn more about both types of training opportunities and the information we cover.

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Virtual Training Opportunities
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Web-Based Training Opportunities
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Additional Resources

TRIS is a web-based online registration system that allows PCP/PCC Staff to securely register for in-person/Zoom training events.

Register Now

To get started in the TRC Portal, select the "Find your account" option on the login page. Then, fill out all the required fields and follow the instructions to finalize your account login details.

One important detail about the TRC Portal is that you can access your official training record. View the video below on accessing, downloading, and printing your training record.

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