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Virtual Training Opportunities

Below are the virtual training opportunities OHCPAP offers. Please contact us to learn more about our virtual training opportunities or to schedule a training for your agency.

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PCP/PCC Documentation

The PCP/PCC Documentation training will explain why there is a need to document Medicaid treatment services and assist staff in learning how to record Medicaid billable treatment services. Training participants will learn Medicaid documentation rules and which services are covered by Medicaid. The training is conducted virtually; links and information will be available for access.

These trainings are targeted for all PCP and PCC personnel, including direct care and clinical staff.

Delivery Method: Zoom/In Person

PCP/PCC Foster Parent Documentation Training for Trainers

This training of trainers is being offered to assist individual PCP/PCC agencies in educating foster parents on the importance, components, and necessity of appropriate written documentation for children in their care. PCP/PCC agencies can implement this curriculum into their existing foster parent training however they deem fit.

Delivery Method: Zoom/In Person

PCP/PCC Orientation

This is a training for new PCP/PCC agencies that are just beginning or would like a refresher on what the agencies are responsible for as far as forms, trainings and a clear explanation of the PCC/PCP agreement that they have with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. There is an open discussion about the process and timeframes for required documentation.

Delivery Method: Zoom/In Person

Medically Complex: Annual

Foster/Adoptive Parents must be an approved Medically Complex Resource Home in order to attend.

There is no fee for this training; however participants are responsible for all travel expenses including lodging.

This conference-style training event will provide DCBS and PCC Medically Complex Foster/Adoptive Parents the opportunity to obtain 12 hours of recertification training.
Participants will choose from various training topics to allow them to attend the training sessions most relevant to the needs of the child in their care.

General training sessions will also be held and are conducted during meals. Therefore, meal attendance is required to receive full training credit. All 12 hours of training must be completed.

Medically Complex: Join Hands Together

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This training is specifically for foster families and Kinship Care Providers whom their R&C Supervisor has approved to attend. This is the primary training that all medically fragile foster parents must complete before they can be approved as a medically fragile foster home and begin taking medically fragile children.

Multiculturalism and Inclusion for PCP/PCC Professionals

This training is designed for all PCC/PCP staff to create awareness of prejudice and discrimination and plan how to reduce these to provide better services to children and families. This training helps staff evaluate their own cultural characteristics and discover where their attitudes and beliefs about other cultures originated. Open discussion around cultural groups help participants grasp how both unintentional and intentional forms of discrimination affect others. Before leaving the classroom, participants create an action plan to help reduce prejudice as an agency, community and individual.

Delivery Method: Zoom/In Person

Reasonable + Prudent Parenting Standards: Training of Trainers for PCC/PCP's

This training gives an overview of the Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standards (RPPS) and promoting normalcy for children in care as it pertains to the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act of 2014. The training is designed for P&P staff, Private Child Placing and Private Child Caring Agency staff. This training will define RPPS and how it is applied, youth rights and responsibilities staff and foster parent roles, youth rights and responsibilities and DCBS policies.

Delivery Method: Zoom/In Person

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